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Our Story

Vietnamese Cuisine Ready to Serve

Wat da Pho is a family-owned Business that is proudly serve a few authentic Vietnamese dishes that are well-known and loved by many Vietnamese people. With Pho as our specialty noodle soup, we keep it as our most authentic dish that we have to offer, with only a few tweaks from our own family recipe added to the mix. We also have a wide variety of non-authentic dishes as well, from Stir-fried Lo Mein to Rice Dishes, even an entire page of Vegetarian dishes to choose from. Our hope is to serve the best quality of the Asian cuisines and help share a part of our culture to the local community of Dayton.

Beef pho noodle bowl

Just What is Pho?

The Pho Bowl

Pho, in its traditional form, is a bowl of beef rice-noodle soup topped with thinly sliced raw beef. Then finished with a flurry of white and green onions and cilantro. Pho can also take up a form of substituting the beef broth and the raw beef for chicken. But it doesn’t quite stop there, many other ingredients can be added to a bowl of Pho as well. From essentially beef Tendons, Tripe, Meatballs, Brisket, to even shrimp and many others, can be added for a content heart to eat Pho. And along with every bowl of Pho comes with a plate of vegie, which consist of bean sprouts, lime, cilantro, basil, and slices of jalapeno pepper, for a bit of natural spice. Being one of the most popular and most loved dish to the Vietnamese people, Pho can be eaten anytime of the day, whether if it’s breakfast or diner, one can never fail to go fill a content belly with a bowl of Pho in its home country.

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